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MemriBank Man: I don't Remember...

When was the last time that you jotted down someone´s name and number, the date and time of an upcoming event, or a friend´s recommendation for a book, restaurant, or app that you might enjoy? Most people do this on a daily basis, yet these slips of paper are rarely where we need them when we need them.

MemriBank™ is a remarkable new app for the iPhone and iPad that enables you to easily enter and access all of your “random” notes in a mobile device that is nearly always at your side. All entries can be either dictated or keyed-in, and then quickly retrieved later using the software's unique memory-by-association approach to recall seemingly unrelated information that you may have entered weeks or even months ago.

We are so confident that MemriBank™ will boost your ability to recall the ever-expanding list of things you need to remember that we offer a Free 15-Day Trial if you would like to try it out. To download MemriBank™ today, click here to take you to the App Store.

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